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Table 4 Modifications suggested by participants to current, and suggestions for future, programs for international migrants post-birth

From: Developing population interventions with migrant women for maternal-child health: a focused ethnography

Interventions Suggested modifications
Access to housing/Settlement services • Extra services should be provided by settlement agencies
Education • More afterschool/homework programs for working parents
• Teachers should be more involved with students around bullying because parents can’t be at school
Employment • Wants opportunity to start somewhere - wants her skills to be known
• Have a liaison to local organizations that are hiring; a person to guide and focus newcomer careers to Canadian opportunities
Family home visitor • Volunteer could come sit a few minutes to care for child and relieve mother for a few minutes, allow her to sleep, adjust to life as newcomer
• Home visits for all mothers in first few years after birth to see how mother is coping
Health care: professionals • Transition is hard on couples, service to help them support each other – psychologist to help individuals and couples
Social groups/activities • Would like social groups and activities with and without children to meet other parents so they could share their experiences
• More community activity centers
• CACI could offer group meetings to new immigrants
Other • Center where all information and support is provided under one roof
• More support for undocumented immigrants
• Have someone to research an issue (e.g., passport) which can lift a burden for a newcomer who does not know where to start