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Table 3 Interventions and types and quality of services used post-birth by international migrants to Canada 1

From: Developing population interventions with migrant women for maternal-child health: a focused ethnography

• Daycare Types of services (provided within the interventions/programs)
• Education    • Child care and development
• Employment    • Information/advice
• Food support    • Maternal care
• Health care (e.g., clinic, hospitals, medical insurance, nurses, physicians)    • Non-specified services
• Housing support (e.g., general, shelters, YMCA)    • Provision of tangible items
• Immigration procedures    • Referral
• Organizations/programs (e.g., church, CLSC/community health center, family home visitor, mixed, OLO, PRAIDA, SARIMM)    • Teaching
• Psychosocial care (psychologist, social worker) Qualities of services (within the interventions/programs)
• Social groups/activities    • Access
• Welfare/government financial assistance    • Affordability
     • Attitude
     • Availability
     • Satisfaction
  1. 1see Additional file 2 for definitions.