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Table 1 Gastrointestinal illness case definitions: US studies

From: Equivalency of risk for a modified health endpoint: a case from recreational water epidemiology studies

  Case definition1
Definition Description Diarrhea Vomiting Stomachache Nausea
US PHS McCabe [9] Gastrointestinal Illness Any Any Any Any
EPA-1986 Cabelli [10] Highly Credible Gastrointestinal Illness w/fever or disabling Any w/fever w/fever
NEEAR Wade et al. [35] Gastrointestinal Illness 3 episodes in 24 h. Any Disabling or with nausea Disabling or with stomachache
  1. 1Presence of any single symptom. Any indicated, concomitant condition (e.g. “w/fever”) is required to be present in addition to the primary symptom.