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Archived Comments for: Antilock braking system effectiveness in prevention of road traffic crashes in Iran

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  1. Promising traffic crash prevention technologies

    Ediriweera Desapriya, University of British Columbia

    14 May 2013

    I would agree with the authors and it may be driver¿s lack of awareness about appropriate use that would partly explain and hinder effectiveness of ABS. In addition, drivers may over rely on these promising crash prevention technologies and take some additional risks while driving to compensate the added safety value to the vehicles. However, Anti Lock Brakes (ABS) has been shown effective in reducing motor cycle crashes (Teoh, 2010). Fatal crashes are 37 per cent lower for motorcycles equipped with optional ABS than for those same models without ABS. Similarly, insurance claims for ABS equipped motor cycles are 22 per cent less than for motorcycles without ABS. In fact, European Union declared that ABS will be mandatory for new models above 125 cc from 2016. It will be mandatory for all EU motorcycles from 2017. Motor cycle crashes are significant traffic safety issue in Iran and ABS equipped motor cycle may be a promising option to consider preventing future motor cycle crashes. There need to be a national safety awareness social marketing campaign to highlight the appropriate use of ABS.


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