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Table 1 Interview structure

From: Methods for the evaluation of the Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food program,Australia

Interview timing Discussion topics
Interview 1: Prior to commencement of the program Motivations for registering for the program, expectations ofthe program. Discussion of previous and current food andcooking experiences.
Contact: During program Phone conversation to recruit participants to repeatinterviews and to enquire how the course is going.
Interview 2: After program completed Discussion around their program experience and whetherprogram expectations were met. If participants experiencedany changes in food and cooking behaviour and anyunanticipated changes as a result of the program.
Interview 3: Six months after program completion Discussion around whether any changes as a result of theprogram have been sustained in terms of food and cookingbehaviour. Any unanticipated changes as a result of theprogram. Reflection on what was talked about in the lastinterview.