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Table 1 Definitions and values of parameters

From: Forecast analysis of the incidence of tuberculosis in the province of Quebec

Symbol Meaning Typical value Source
b Birth/immigration rate 0.03/person/year [11]
μ Death rate 0.007/person/year [11]
β Transmission Parameter 5/person/year Fitting
q Proportion of exposed immigrants 0.01 [2]
α Probability of infectiousness 0.1 [5]
K Rate of progression 0.05/person/year [6], [12]
γ1 Rate of recovery (latent) 0.22/person/year [5]
γ2 Rate of recovery (infectious) 0.87/person/year [5], [2]
  1. Greek letter parameters were subject to a sensitivity analysis varying them by up to 25%.