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Table 2 The elements in the protocol used in the preventive home visit

From: Preventive home visits and health – experiences among very old people

No Protocol elements
1 Information and advice about, and when appropriate instructions in, a basic home exercise program including balance exercises
2 Assessment of the fall prevention checklist, information and advice on how to prevent identified fall risks and continue be active, and in adequate cases a “safety walk” in the home
3 Information and advice about technical aids and housing modifications, and, if necessary, where and whom to turn to for purchase or application
4 Information and advice about smoking alarms, and, if necessary, an offer to check the smoking alarm
5 Information about the range of help and support available in Gothenburg and in the municipality (volunteers, churches, mission fellow human, health centers etc.), and where to turn to for help with health problems and illness, opening hours, phone times, and phone numbers
6 Information on the possibility of an appointment with a pharmacist at the local pharmacy for review of and counselling on medicines
7 Information and advice about incontinence
8 Display and hand over a brochure with information on the Swedish legislation and possibilities for advise on and assessment of driving capacity by professionals
9 Information and advice about what the municipality can provide in the form of local meeting places, activities run by local associations, physical training for seniors, walking groups for seniors, and possibility of receiving or providing volunteer interventions
10 Offer to register for “try-out” activities, a standalone group visit to local meeting places, a short introduction to computer sciences, petanque clubs for seniors, gyms for seniors, Nordic walking groups, etc
11 Information about public transportation, including busses adapted for older adults, and of mobility service for the disabled
12 Information on the Social Services Act, and on where and whom to contact in the municipality in order to apply for home care services