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Table 3 Rates for intentional self-poisoning (per 100,000 population) – for any type of substances including pesticides

From: Characteristics of non-fatal self-poisoning in Sri Lanka: a systematic review

Authors Period of study (Year) Area studied Rates of self-poisoning by ingestion of any type of substance
Senewiratne et al. 1974 [18] 1971-2 Kandy region 26.2 /100,000**of which 82% due to intentional self-poisoning.
Hettiarachchi et al. 1989 [17] 1986-87 Galle region 54.7/100,000 (all due to intentional self-poisoning)
Van Der Hoek et al. 2006 [9] 1990-2002 Rate for year 2002 Southern Sri Lanka 318 per 100,000*of which 64% were due to intentional self-poisoning 350/100,000**of which 64% were due to intentional self-poisoning
Manuel et al. 2008 [8] 2002 Southern Sri Lanka 315/100,000 (all due to intentional self-poisoning).