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Table 2 Participants’ quotes on the previous experience with nicotine replacement therapy

From: The role of nicotine replacement therapy for temporary abstinence in the home to protect children from environmental tobacco smoke exposure: a qualitative study with disadvantaged smokers

a: Cohabiting female, 25-34: “I kind of understand it…but then on the other side of it I think because it's nicotine replacement so how is it gunna help you stop if it's still giving you the nicotine”
b: Single female, 16-24: “You're still getting your erm like your dose of nicotine through whatever you're doing so what's the point in doing it?”
c: Single female, 16-24: “Like I say I think it's a waste of time. It's all about willpower …”
d: Married female, 25-34: “I had the gum years ago…but erm and it tastes horrible, it tastes like erm, I know when people say it's not like that now but it used to taste like you were chewing an ashtray”