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Table 1 The process evaluation components, description and data sources of the process evaluation of starting job-specific workers’ health surveillance for construction workers

From: Improving occupational health care for construction workers: a process evaluation

Component Description Data source
Reach Participation: the attendance rate Recruitment record
Dose received Engagement of the worker with the intervention. Workers’ questionnaires directly after WHS and three months after WHS
Questions (yes/no):
1. Did the OP advise you any preventive actions? (directly after WHS)
2. Do you think you will act upon the advice of the OP? (directly after WHS)
3. Did the OP advise you any preventive actions? (three months after WHS)
4. Did you act upon the advice of the OP? (three months after WHS)
Remembrance of the advice at follow-up: agreement between question 1 and 3.
Fidelity Extent to which the intervention was conducted as designed and the requested protocol was followed, based on eight performance indicators: Documents of the WHS, checklists and workers’ questionnaire
1. Correct processing of the questionnaire data by the medical assistant and the OP (yes/no).
2. Correct processing of the summary of results of all components of WHS (yes/no).
3. Correct processing of the results of the physical performance test by the ergonomist (yes/no).
4. Advise to the OP based on the physical performance test by the ergonomist (yes/no).
5. Signs to intervene were correctly determined by the OP (yes/no).
6. Signs to intervene were prioritised before counselling by the OP (yes/no).
7. Evaluation of prioritisation after counselling by the OP (yes/no).
8. Written advice provided by the OP.
Question (yes/no): Did you receive the written advice of the OP?
Dose delivered Effort of the OP: Provided the OP their written advice to the worker and accomplished the preventive actions that they intended to initiate? Workers’ questionnaire, OHS’ registry
Knowledge Increase in the insight of the workers in their health status and work ability (0–10) Workers’ questionnaire
Satisfaction Satisfaction of the workers with the WHS as a whole and its components (questionnaire, physical performance test, counselling by the OP). (0–10) Workers’ questionnaire
Perceived effect Perceived (future) effect of the preventive action(s) on health and work ability. (0–10) Workers’ questionnaire
Context Environment Interviews with occupational health professionals
Organisational and financial aspects
  Individual circumstances