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Table 1 Detailed in-house assessment of health portals

From: Repository on maternal child health: Health portal to improve access to information on maternal child health in India

S. No Name Source/Host Accessibility Key areas of information Target audience Presentation Remarks
Free/Paid Registration required Full text available
1. WHO-India Digital Repository The Institutional Repository is an archive of WHO documents & resource materials from the WHO Country office India. Free No Full text available and is divided into sections. WHO resource materials on health Professionals looking for WHO resource materials. The information is divided into number of communities and sub-communities (or categories) Limited information in every community.
Main communities include Communicable diseases and disease surveillance, Family and Child Health, Health action in crisis, Health systems development, Immunization and Vaccinedevelopment, Non-communicable diseases and Mental health, Resources for staff members, Sustainable development Materials limited to those developed by WHO only.
No specific category for Child health.
2. National Health Information Collaboration (NHIC) NHIC is a collaborative model whereby the information is entered by authorized institutions and personnel from 18 organizations trained for the purpose. Free No Full text available Total of about 1800 entries (except Directories) out of which more than 1500 are scientific articles and thesis. Research scientists, Healthcare professionals and Policy makers. Since nformation is submitted through the authorized content providers only, limited resource materials or subject specific materials have been uploaded First version and currently being updated.
Classification based on Topics (all public health related) and types of information. Child and adolescent health has 60 entries with 50 being scientific articles.
Types include Scientific publications, Education & management, IT applications, Research projects & funding, Policies & practices, Stat data & Directory of resources.
3. Policy Reforms Option Database (HS-PROD) Database is regulated by PROD Management Group made of health experts from the Govt and Non-Govt Sectors. Free Optional No, only the summary of the case studies is available. Health sector reforms – successful examples from the field and innovative ideas Government of India Health and Family Welfare staff at central, state and district levels, health related NGOs, private sector providers, development partners (including donors) and academic institutions. The information is provided using a standard format. Includes case studies and innovative ideas on health sector reforms only.
This group approve each entry before inclusion and meet quarterly to oversee progress. Topics include Infrastructure, Logistics, Financial management, M&E, PPP, Management structures & systems, Social marketing, Health financing, Human resources, Urban health, Community participation, FRU, BCC No separate topic on child health
4. NGO Gateway A website supported by NACO and UNAIDS. Free No Yes HIV/AIDS Seeks to empower NGO sector through networking and capacity building by leveraging internet technologies. It’s difficult to locate the documents for a new user. Contains information related to HIV/AIDS only.
Almost 1000 digital resources are present which have been categorized into Statistics/Data, Laws and Policy Documents, Information Resources, Tools, Funding Opportunities, and Declarations