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Table 1 Questionnaire topics

From: An innovative team-based stop smoking competition among Māori and Pacific Island smokers: rationale and method for the study and its evaluation

Category Topic realms
Demographic Sex, ethnicity, age, marital status, education level, community service card (proxy for socioeconomic status)
Smoking behavior Smoking status, amount smoked, time to first cigarette, previous cessation attempts and methods used.
Quitting behavior Number of quit attempts, any support used to quit, reason for quitting and interest in cessation support
Others smoking Presence of smokers in participants’ social networks? Does anyone else in the house smoke? Do people smoke indoors?
WERO – related Reasons for stopping during WERO? Cessation methods of interest? Relationship with other team members? Competition methods that help team smoking cessation? Social support by family and friends.
Technology Access to mobile phone, IPad/tablet, Internet? Use of social networking sites.