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Table 2 Semi-structured interview guide

From: Outdoor fitness equipment in parks: a qualitative study from older adults’ perceptions

1 • How often do you visit the park?
2 • What did you usually do when visiting the park?
3 • Why do you want to use these outdoor fitness facilities in the park?
4 • What are the facilities you like to use most?
5 • When do you come to use these facilities during the day (morning, afternoon?)
6 • Do you usually use these facilities alone or with someone else?
7 • How long do you use these facilities typically?
8 • In your opinion, what is the benefit of using these facilities?
9 • Do you encounter any problems or injury in using these facilities?
10 • Do you think these facilities fit seniors’ needs?
11 • Do you have any recommendation for these facilities such as the types? Locations? Or areas?
12 • In terms of your physical activity level, do you perceive any changes of physical activity level after the installation of the fitness equipment? How long have you used this equipment?
13 • Any other suggestions or ideas you would like to express?