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Table 1 Key informant participant characteristics

From: Assessing community readiness for overweight and obesity prevention in pre-adolescent girls: a case study

Key informant Subcategory or description of characteristics (number of schools) Total Subcategory (NS-SEC)* Total Overall total
Parents Least deprived school 0 Managerial and professional occupations 2  
  Medium deprived school (2) 2 Intermediate occupations 3  
Small employers and own account workers 1
Lower supervisory and technical occupations 0
Semi-routine and routine occupations 1
Unemployed 3
  Most deprived school (4) 8    10
Teachers and teaching assistants** Least deprived school (1) 1    
  Medium deprived school (3) 3    
  Most deprived school (1) 2    6
Dinner staff Most deprived school 1    1
Government initiative leaders Healthy Schools Advisor 1    
  School Food Advisor 1    2
Shop-keepers Urban area 1    
  Rural area 1    2
Girl guide leaders Based on a diverse range of geographical settings across the community 6    6
Sports coaches Sports Development Officers 2    
  Football Development Officer 1    
  Gymnastics Coach 1    
  Community Sports Coach/Play Ranger 1    6
School Sports Coach 1
TOTAL N:      33
  1. *National Statistics Socio-economic Classification [28] derived from self-coded method of self-reported occupation into one of five classes. **Two of the teaching assistants were also dinner staff.