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Table 2 Implementation strategy and materials for implementation of DOiT by teachers

From: Exploring facilitating factors and barriers to the nationwide dissemination of a Dutch school-based obesity prevention program “DOiT”: a study protocol

Dissemination phase Implementation strategy Accompanying materials
Adoption Step 1. Teacher reviews the DOiT program DOiT factsheet, brochure and exemplary teaching materials
Step 2. Teacher identifies barriers for implementation, identifies solutions and gains support within the school Example presentation for colleagues and school management
Implementation Step 3. Teacher decides to work with DOiT and develops a tailored plan for implementation Implementation plan: a checklist
Step 4. Teacher becomes familiar with the implementation of the program Example email to inform colleagues about the start of DOiT
Example time line for implementation
Instruction video
Teacher manual
Step 5. Teacher delivers the program Example presentation for parents
Template of press release
Teacher manual
Continuation Step 6. Teacher concludes and evaluates the program Teacher manual
Manual for parent meeting
Step 7. Teacher defines impeding and facilitating factors for implementation and creates a renewed plan for implementation and embedding of the DOiT program in the school Evaluation form
Advice for continuation