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Table 2 Additional tobacco control strategies perceived to be effective for different population groups

From: A cross-sectional survey of experts’ opinions about the relative effectiveness of tobacco control strategies for the general population versus disadvantaged groups: what do we choose in the absence of evidence?

Additional Strategies N
General Population  
  Extension on smoking bans in public areas 24
  Advertising restrictions/plain packaging 12
  Reducing locations of sale 6
  Increased legislation 5
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples  
  Community based strategies 25
  Involvement of elders and others in strategy development and education 17
  Tailored quit programs 17
  Using culturally relevant information to inform strategies 10
  Targeted media campaigns 8
  Restricting availability of tobacco products 7
  Interventions involving health professionals 7
Low income populations  
  Extension on smoke free environments 15
  Tailored quit programs 8
  Advice and support from health professionals 7
  Restricting availability of tobacco products 6
People with a mental illness  
  Tailored quit programs 12
  Intensive support from health professionals and services 10
  Extension on smoke free environments 9
  Face-to-face interventions 8