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Table 4 Supporting quotes describing the economic feasibility of product reformulation

From: Reformulating partially hydrogenated vegetable oils to maximise health gains in India: is it feasible and will it meet consumer demand?

Key theme Quotes
Reducing costs of vanaspati “Business is so competitive, everybody has to be on their toes to cut down the cost”.
  “People have already started using this [palm] stearin…so the unscrupulous people they are selling at a very low price…we can’t play with the health of the people so we better decide to stop the production [of vanaspati]”.
Industry capacity “They [government] talk about trans [fat] reducing, trans [fat] reducing, trans [fat] reducing but…they are not looking at the holistic picture of what it means for the industry to cope with that”.
Compliance with regulation “If someone is not doing it…we should not make people suffer from the health point of view - let bigger companies start [complying with the regulation]”.