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Table 1 Interview topics based on technical and economic feasibility of reformulating partially hydrogenated vegetable oils in India

From: Reformulating partially hydrogenated vegetable oils to maximise health gains in India: is it feasible and will it meet consumer demand?

Main topic Interview questions
Trans fat and health What is your understanding of the health issues related to – vanaspati; - other cooking oils; - trans fat
Company characteristics What are the main products that your company produces?
  Which of the products that your company produces contain hydrogenated oils?
  Where do you obtain your raw materials? (which areas, types of producers)?
Trans fat regulation What do you know about the proposed trans fat regulation?
  How will the proposed trans fat regulation affect your company? Will it affect your profit margins?
  Could the government do anything to help (i.e., incentives, subsidies, etc.) make the transition to low trans/trans fat free products easier?
Feasibility How feasible is product reformulation of vanaspati (or shortening/spreads)?
  Can you comment on the:
  Technological feasibility
  Availability of replacement oils
  Economic feasibility
  What considerations will have to be made in terms of the cultural/social acceptability of alternative products?
  What will be the main barriers or challenges associated with product reformulation?
Costs What are the current costs associated with the production of vanaspati?
  Which additional costs will be involved in the reformulation of vanaspati (or shortenings)?
  How will these costs differ with a limit of 10% vs 5% trans fat in PHVOs?