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Table 5 Financing and programmatic nature: government and GF

From: Thailand’s HIV/AIDS program after weaning-off the global fund’s support

  Government programs GF supported programs
Duration of plan Usually annual plan and budget cycle Medium term program (often five years) ensures continuity
Financing profile 84% spent on treatment and care 50% or more on prevention interventions
Financing prevention interventions Cover operational cost, not on human resources incentives    Cover all expenditures including human resources. More flexible in procurement than government, such as syringe and needle supplies for IDU and ART for non-Thai KAP and migrants
   Financial audits are required which can create burden for PR
Accountability framework    Integrated model, where MOPH as principal, and its health service network as agent, results in limited accountability framework.    A proposal-based payment
   Clear accountability framework: the Principal Recipients as Agents are accountable to the GF as the Principal, through contractual agreement. Non-performance was sanctioned by termination of grants.
   Input focus, regulate use of resources in line with procurement rules and regulation, less accountable to outputs and program performance    Focus on result and performance foster accountability and responsiveness
Monitoring and evaluation    Not clear on timing and requirement    Regular progress report is required
   Annual report for monitoring and evaluation
Limitations    Allocation of limited annual budget to too many government sectors (e.g. health, education, defence, social development, labour) results in fragmentation and lack of impact    It ensures continuity of activities in some certain period (depends on the project lifespan). However, there is uncertainty in long term support beyond five year program grants
   Doubtful effectiveness of interventions such as public media
   Limitation to address preventions among non-Thai population
   Poor attitude, rigidity and capacity in outsourcing/contracting services to competent non-state actors