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Table 1 Data to be extracted from electronic primary care records at the end of the study

From: Mixed methods evaluation of targeted case finding for cardiovascular disease prevention using a stepped wedged cluster RCT

Data to be extracted  
Patient characteristics Age
Date of death,
Date of leaving practice
Diagnoses and dates of diagnoses Diabetic status
Smoking status
Peripheral vascular disease
Cardiovascular risk factor status and dates Smoking status
Systolic blood pressures
Diastolic blood pressures
Total cholesterol
HDL cholesterol
Family history of premature coronary heart disease
Left ventricular hypertrophy
Prescriptions and dates of prescriptions BNF Chapter 2.2.1 Thiazide and related diuretics
BNF Chapter 2.2.3 Potassium-sparing diuretics and other diuretics
BNF Chapter 2.2.4 Potassium-sparing diuretics with other diuretics
BNF Chapter 2.4 Beta-blockers
BNF Chapter 2.5.1 Vasodilator antihypertensives
BNF Chapter 2.5.3 Adrenergic neurone blocking drugs
BNF Chapter 2.5.4 Alpha blockers
BNF Chapter 2.5.2 Centrally acting antihypertensives
BNF Chapter ACE inhibitors
BNF Chapter ARB-2
BNF Chapter 2.6.2 Calcium-channel blockers
BNF Chapter 2.8.1 Parenenteral anticoagulant
BNF Chapter 2.8.2 Oral anticoagulant
BNF Chapter 2.9 Antiplatelet drug
BNF Chapter 2.12 Lipid lowering drug
Over the counter aspirin use