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Table 3 Selected change objectives for performance objective 3

From: VIP in construction: systematic development and evaluation of a multifaceted health programme aiming to improve physical activity levels and dietary patterns among construction workers

Performance Objectives Skills and self-efficacy Awareness and attitudes Outcome expectations
PO.3. "Workers increase their levels of physical activity (by increasing PA of vigorous intensity and decreasing sitting time)"   A.3 Express positive attitude towards increasing levels of physical activity OE.3. Expect that increasing levels of physical activity will have positive health outcomes
PO.3.1 Self-monitor physical activity SSE.3.1 Know how to self-monitor PA A.3.1 Express positive attitude towards self monitoring of PA  
PO 3.2. Set goals to increase physical activity levels SSE.3.2 Express confidence for setting goals to increase PA levels A.3.2 Express positive attitudes towards goal setting OE.3.2. Expect that goal setting will increase PA levels