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Table 2 Status of costing/financing details for NCD prevention and control in NCD-specific and sector-wide national health policies/plan

From: A qualitative study of governance of evolving response to non-communicable diseases in low-and middle- income countries: current status, risks and options

Country Sector-wide health plan/policy NCD specific plan/policy Baseline expenditure levels given Sources of financing defined Potential gaps in financing identified
Cambodia [12, 13] Costing and financing of reproductive health and child survival interventions but not NCD ([13] No costing/budget for the proposed activities provided. Overall public spending on health accounted for 12% of national budget, 1% GDP Proposes an increase in government budget, no specific financing sources for NCDs. Identifies need to mobilize additional resources for NCD, health promotion, traffic injuries, but with no quantification ([13]
Fiji [14, 15] No costing provided [15] Annual budget provided: $226199
$0.27 per capital [14]
For overall health systems (2.87% of GDP for MoH), but no NCD-specific budget [15] Annual Increase to health budget by 0.5% for 5-7 yrs; no specific financing for NCDs [15] Establish Health Care Financing Unit to identify gaps in the system, not specifically for NCDs [15]
Malaysia [16, 17] No costing/Budget provided No costing/ budget provided No No No
Mongolia [18, 19] Medium-term expenditure framework, but no clear costing linked to proposed activities[18] No costing/ budget provided [19] For overall health systems, but no NCD-specific[18] No notices additional resources need to implement the Health Sector Strategic Master Plan [18]
Philippines [20, 21] Allocates budget for Health Promoting activities for 2006–2007 [21] No costing/ budget provided, asks the local government units to establish effective financing schemes at provincial and local level [[20] Not given Sources of funding identified[21] Identifies a gap of 11% of the required costs for overall health systems (PhP3.9 Billion) [21].