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Table 3 Responses on perceived confidence in achieving positive outcomes as a result of counseling patients with obesity (n = 206)

From: Community Pharmacists role in obesity treatment in Kuwait: a cross-sectional study


Perceived confidence Mean (SD)

Eating a calorie-controlled diet

3.75 (1.57)

Engagement in regular exercise

3.73 (1.27)

Patient adherence to nutritional advice

3.68 (1.27)

Proper use of nonprescription products and dietary supplements for weight loss

3.59 (1.24)

Minimization of adverse effects from anti-obesity medications

3.46 (1.37)

Patient adherence to anti-obesity medications

3.43 (1.35)

Proper handling of missed doses of anti-obesity medications

3.21 (1.21)

Overall scale mean

3.44 (1.09)

  1. Measured on a 5-point Likert scale: 1, extremely unconfident; 2, unconfident; 3, neither confident nor unconfident; 4, confident; 5, extremely confident.