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Table 5 Predictors of the risk of cholera in the study area, 2007–2010

From: Clinical, epidemiological, and spatial characteristics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus diarrhea and cholera in the urban slums of Kolkata, India

Variables HR* 95% CI p-value
Individuals 5 years and above 0.47 0.40-0.55 <.0001
Individuals living in a household with important economic contributor having stable occupation1) 0.64 0.42-0.99 0.0449
Individuals living in a household using safe toilet2) 0.44 0.16-1.22 0.1139
Individuals living in a household owning at least one luxury item3) 0.72 0.54-0.95 0.0196
Longer distance from the household to the nearest health clinic6) 0.46 0.33-0.63 <.0001
  1. Note, Please see the footnotes of Table 3 for the citations.
  2. *Hazard ratio for the cited variable, adjusted for all other variables in the table.