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Table 3 Instruments used in At Home/Chez Soi Toronto site study at screening and baseline visits, their acronyms and references

From: Ending homelessness among people with mental illness: the At Home/Chez Soi randomized trial of a Housing First intervention in Toronto

Acronym Full name References
ACC Health Service Access Items [17, 57, 58]
CIS Community Integration Scale [5961]
CMC Comorbid Conditions List [33, 57, 62]
CSI (Modified) Colorado Symptom Index [32, 6365]
DHHS Demographics, Housing, Vocational and service Use History [6668]
EQ-5D EuroQuol 5D [6971]
FS Social Support Items and Food Security [72, 73]
GAIN-SPS Global Assessment of Individual Need – Substance Problem Scale [74, 75]
HSJSU Health, Social Justice Service Use Inventory [7682]
III Interviewer Impressions Items  
MCAS Multnomah Community Ability Scale [54, 83, 84]
MINI MINI International Neuropsychiatric Interview [51, 52, 85, 86]
QoLI-20 Quality of Life Index – 20 Item [8789]
RAS-22 Recovery Assessment Scale – 22 items [9092]
SCNR Eligibility Screening Instrument  
SF-12 SF12 Health Survey v. 2 [71, 93, 94]
T-SU Substance Use  
T-DIET Diet  
T-PH Preventative Health  
T-PHYS Physiological Measures  
T-SB Supplementary BL  
T-CD-RISC-2 Resilience  
T-PSC Stress