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Table 2 Women of Color and Asthma Control intervention: Overview of program session content

From: Study protocol for Women of Color and Asthma Control:A randomized controlled trial of an asthma-management intervention for African American women

Session Examples of topics, and self-regulation phases addressed: Goals for participant Other content
1 Use of peak flow meter (PFM); tracking symptoms, medications and triggers; allergies. Self-observe using asthma diary (mail copy of diary data back to health educator).  
2 Review PFM and symptom diary. Use review to identify symptom patterns and triggers. Continue self-observation.  
3 Review PFM and symptom diary; review therapeutic plan provided by physician. Identify a management goal and develop plan to achieve goal. Develop a plan for addressing the problem area and reaching goal. Carry out steps of the management plan. Discussions of sex-, gender- and culture-related influences on asthma and asthma management are integrated into each session.
4 Review progress toward goal and adjust plan as needed. Assess progress, fine-tune plan, and continue toward problem resolution.  
5 Review progress toward goal and consider next steps (e.g., refine plan, choose new problem, etc.). Discuss reward and benchmarks of progress. Achieve goal as appropriate, apply problem solving process to new/different management problems.