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Table 1 Calendar and sporting events included in assault presentation analyses

From: Nighttime assaults: using a national emergency department monitoring system to predict occurrence, target prevention and plan services

Event Details
Year1 2008/09-2010/11
Month of year January to December
Day of week Sunday to Saturday
English bank holidays Any national public holiday
England bank holiday eves Day before a public holiday
New Year’s eve and day 31st December and 1st January
Christmas eve and day 24th and 25th December
Last and first week of month and last and first two days of month Examining payday effects e.g., celebrating receiving a monthly wage
St George's day 23rd April
St Patrick’s day 17th March
Halloween 31st October
Guy Fawkes (Bonfire) night 5th November
Valentine’s day 14th February
Sporting Events  
Football Association Cup Annual finals
UEFA Champions League Final Union of European Football Associations Champions League final
Football World Cup 2010 Includes only England matches
Rugby Six nations Includes only England matches annually
Summer Olympic Games 2008 8th-24th August 2008
  1. 1 Years run from 31st March to 30th March to account for time-shifted data.