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Table 1 Selection of 29 chronic diseases with ICPC-1 codes

From: Multimorbidity and comorbidity in the Dutch population – data from general practices

Chronic disease ICPC-1 code
Tuberculosis A70
Cancer A79, B72, B73, D74, D75, D77, L71, N74, R84, R85, S77, T71, U75, U76, U77, W72, X75, X76, X77, Y77, Y78
Gastric or duodenal ulcer D85, D86
Chronic enteritis/colitis ulcerosa D94
Visual disorder F83, F84, F92, F93, F94
Hearing disorder H84, H85
Congenital cardiovascular anomaly K73
Coronary heart disease K74, K75, K76
Heart failure K77
Stroke (including TIA) K89, K90
Chronic back or neck disorder L83, L84, L85, L86
Rheumatoid arthritis L88
Osteoarthritis L89, L90, L91
Osteoporosis L95
Congenital neurological anomaly N85
Multiple sclerosis N86
Parkinson’s disease N87
Epilepsy N88
Chronic alcohol abuse P15
Dementia P70
Schizophrenia P72
Anxiety disorder, neurosis, PTSS P74, P79
Depressive disorder P76
Mental retardation P85
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease R91, R95
Asthma R96
Anorexia T06
Diabetes mellitus T90
  1. The selection of chronic diseases is based on ‘Defining chronic conditions for primary care using ICPC-2: supplementary data'.[17] ICPC-2 codes are encoded into ICPC-1 codes.