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Table 2 Measurement instruments

From: A European study investigating patterns of transition from home care towards institutional dementia care: the protocol of a RightTimePlaceCare study

Variable Measure No of items (range*) Assessment
People with dementia
Socio-demographics Dataheet n/a IC and MR
Comorbidity Charlson index n/a MR
Cognition MMSE 20 (0-30) People with dementia
Behavior NPI-Q 12 (0-36) Proxy
ADL KATZ 6 (0-6) Proxy
Personal and social resources RUD n/a Proxy
Quality of care indicators    Proxy
-nutritional status Item on weight loss 1 (yes/no) Proxy
-physical restraints 8 items from MAQ n/a Proxy
-pain MDS based indicators. Presence, frequency, intensity and location. n/a Proxy
-pressure ulcer Presence, intensity n/a Proxy
-mortality rate Register mortality n/a Proxy
-mood disturbances/depression CSDD 19 (0-38) Proxy
-falls Frequency and injuries recent falls n/a Proxy
Quality of Life QoL-AD 13 (13-52) Self-and Proxy
Informal caregivers    
Positive and negative aspects of caregiving CRA 24 (5 dimensions) IC
Caregivers burden ZBI 22 (0-88) IC
Availability of resources RUD n/a IC
Psychological well-being GHQ-12 12 (0-12) IC
Quality of Life informal caregivers EQ-5D 5 (n/a) IC
Experiences on QoC 9 items of the CLINT n/a IC
  open ended questions n/a IC
Economic evaluation    
Resource use RUD n/a IC and Proxy
  1. * the underlined score represents the most favorable score; at home: informal caregiver; institutional nursing care: formal caregiver; If a PwD total score is less than 3 on the MMSE, Qol--AD will be assessed only using proxy reports