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Table 4 Extent of delivery of multi-strategy intervention to intervention schools

From: Effectiveness of a multi-strategy intervention in increasing the implementation of vegetable and fruit breaks by Australian primary schools: a non-randomized controlled trial

Schools receiving intervention strategies n %
Consensus process, leadership support and endorsement   
· Discussed healthy eating with school Director a 250/360 69.4
· School champions registered 375/388 96.6
Staff training   
· School teacher attended training workshop 270/388 69.6
· Attended 2 hour video conference 0/388 0
· Received resource folder b 247/372 66.4
Follow-up support   
· Completed follow-up CATI call 372/388 95.9
· Received additional school support officer call c 68/68 100
Program performance   
· Received tailored school reports b 115/372 30.9
  1. a sample size varies as question not relevant for Independent schools (n = 360); b sample size varies as only those schools who completed the follow-up CATI were asked this question (n = 372); c sample size varies as this strategy was only offered to schools who were identified as needing additional telephone support.