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Table 2 Variables to characterize the population of the study

From: Interventions to delay institutionalization of frail older persons: design of a longitudinal study in the home care setting

Topic Variable Source Type of variable
General information Civil status InterRAI HC Qualitative
  Age InterRAI HC and IMA Continuous
  Gender InterRAI HC and IMA Dichotomic
Quality of Life WHOQOL items score WHOQOL-8 Continuous
Socio-economic status Financial difficulties InterRAI HC Dichotomic
Primary caregiver’s burden Zarit Burden score ZBI-12 Continuous
Functional status Katz score IMA Qualitative
  interRAI ADL hierarchy scale InterRAI HC Ordinal (0 to 6)
  interRAI IADL scales InterRAI HC Ordinal (0 to 48)
  interRAI Communication scale InterRAI HC Ordinal (0 to 8)
  interRAI CPS2 scale InterRAI HC Ordinal (0 to 6)
  interRAI DRS scale InterRAI HC Ordinal (0-14)