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Table 7 Positive lifestyle practices among people with chronic Hepatitis B after diagnosis (n = 483)

From: Knowledge, attitudes and practices among people with chronic hepatitis B attending a hepatology clinic in Malaysia: A cross sectional study

Lifestyle practices after diagnosis N (%)
Stopped smoking (n=100)# 78 (78%)
Reduced alcohol intake (n=150)¥ 131 (87.3)
Increased exercise (n=292)~ 225 (77.1)
Healthier food choice (n=289)a 277 (95.8)
Sharing eating and drinking utensils (n=480)b 237 (49.4)
Encouraged family members to undergo HBV screening 443 (91.7)
Did not engage in blood donation (n=477)c 472 (99.0)
Did not share personal items (razors, toothbrush) with others (n=481)d 473 (98.3)
  1. #Applicable to those who smokes; ¥Applicable to those who consume alcohol; ~Applicable to those who exercise; amissing data n=194; bmissing data n=3; cmissing data n=6; dmissing data n=2.