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Table 3 Examples of tools compi led from the key words selected within each intervention focus area

From: The Healthy Start project: a randomized, controlled intervention to prevent overweight among normal weight, preschool children at high risk of future overweight

  Diet Physical activity Sleep Stress
Example of tools · Make fruit a part of breakfast or dessert in the lunch package · Plan activities with the whole family together · Avoid that the child uses computer games, internet or watches TV before bedtime · Prepare the child of what will happen during the day
  · Supply the lunch · package with small tomatoes, carrot sticks etc. · Go with the bike, for a walk or play outside with your child · Avoid that the child watches TV-programs catered for adults · Build up every-day routines
  · Replace the sugary cereals with oatmeal · Restrict screen time to 2 hours per day · Increase the physical activity level of the child during daytime · Distinguish between work- and free time, so the child knows when it has the parent’s full attention
  · Eat natural yoghurt and add with fruits of your own choice   · Provide clear rules and routines around bedtime · Be physically active with your child every day
  · Restrict intake of sweets, but when provided, use for instance fruit sorbet as an alternative to ice cream, fruit as an alternative to sweets etc.   · Avoid a stressed environment in the home  
  · Keep a jug of water in the refrigerator, and refresh the water with lemon slices, fresh mint leaves or frozen fruit