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Table 5 Multivariable logistic regression analysis for TB treatment default, stratified by patient category (new, re-treatment), South Africa, 2002*

From: Patient- and provider-level risk factors associated with default from tuberculosis treatment, South Africa, 2002: a case-control study

  New Patients (848) Re-treatment Patients (211)
Risk Factor Adjusted OR 95% CI Adjusted OR 95% CI
Poor HCW attitude 2.1 1.1-4.4 12 2.2-66
Changing residence during TB treatment 2.0 1.1-3.7 3.4 1.1-9.9
Did not receive adequate counseling or information 1.9 1.2-2.8   
No formal education 2.3 1.2-4.2   
Drank any alcohol during treatment 1.9 1.2-3.0   
Felt ashamed to have TB 2.0 1.3-3.0   
Saw a traditional healer for TB 1.9 1.1-3.4   
History of previous TB default    6.4 2.9-14
Felt better with treatment    21 5.2-84
Agreed that if food was provided by clinic, adherence to treatment would have been better    5.0 1.3-19
  1. *Models adjusted for age and sex; other variables considered but not included in the model: race, marital status, employment status, rural or urban setting