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Table 2 Key areas explored in the surveys and open-ended questions

From: The characteristics and experience of community food program users in arctic Canada: a case study from Iqaluit, Nunavut

Survey – Key areas Open-ended questions
- Socio-demographic information: birth town, sex, age group, education level, number of people in household, income level, etc. - Perception of services: Are they helping your situation? How so? How do you feel when you use the services?
- Access to country foods: hunter in the household, access to sharing, main source of country foods, etc. - Challenges to be food secure: What are the main obstacles to be food secure?
- Food security and coping strategies: not enough food in the past 12 months, reducing portions for oneself or others in the household, skipping meals, selling belongings, etc. - What are the most difficult times during the month, during the year? What makes those times more difficult to have enough food?
- Frequency of use of services: how often, since when? - How can the services be improved?