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Table 1 Baseline parameter assumptions

From: The potential effect of temporary immunity as a result of bias associated with healthy users and social determinants on observations of influenza vaccine effectiveness; could unmeasured confounding explain observed links between seasonal influenza vaccine and pandemic H1N1 infection?

Characteristic Parameter  
Proportions in population Proportion of the population with a social determinant that would confound the association) 12%
  Proportion of the population classified as healthy users 40%
  Seasonal vaccine baseline coverage 40%
Effect sizes Vaccination coverage among the population with social determinants (half baseline coverage) 10%
  Proportion of controls that would be classified as cases due to having social determinants 20%
  Vaccination coverage among population of healthy users (10% above baseline) 50%
  Proportion of cases that would be classified as controls due to being a healthy users 20%
  Seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness against seasonal influenza 60%
  Additional effect of non-influenza ILI 10%