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Table 5 Correlations between Questionnaires and Dosimeter Readings, and Serum Vitamin D Levels

From: Development and validation of sunlight exposure measurement questionnaire (SEM-Q) for use in adult population residing in Pakistan

   Spearman’s Rank Correlation P -value
Average time (minutes) spent in sun UV Dosimeter readings (MED) 0.601 < 0.001
Adjusted-average time (minutes)* UV Dosimeter readings (MED) 0.534 <0.001
ST SEM-Q as a score Serum vitamin D levels 0.363 0.01
Time (minutes) spent in sun in summers UV Dosimeter readings (MED) 0.582 0.01
Time (minutes) spent in sun in winters UV Dosimeter readings (MED) 0.613 0.01
Score of sun exposure in summers (per day) Serum vitamin D levels 0.429** 0.01
Score of sun exposure in Winters (per day) Serum vitamin D levels 0.483** 0.01
  1. ST SEM-Q=Short term sunlight exposure measurement questionnaire; MED=minimual erythemal dose, LT SEM-Q= Long term sunlight exposure measurement questionnaire.
  2. * adjusted for sun protection practices, weather and travelling in vehicle; ** Pearson’s Correlation reported.