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Table 1 Distributions of gender, acceptance of preventive home visits, financial assets and invitational procedures in the sample population (n = 1,023)

From: Are acceptance rates of a national preventive home visit programme for older people socially imbalanced?: a cross sectional study in Denmark

Characteristics N(%)
  Male 428(42)
  Female 595(58)
Acceptance of preventive home visits  
 Accept 498(49)
 Decline 525(51)
Level of financial assets  
 Low 205(20)
 High 818(80)
Invitational procedures  
 Telephone or letter without date 378(37)
 Letter with date 645(63)
Financial assets and invitational procedures  
 Low assets and ‘telephone or letter without date’ 72(7)
 Low assets and ‘letter with date’ 133(13)
 High assets and ‘telephone or letter without date’ 306(30)
 High assets and ‘letter with date’ 512(50)