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Table 4 Subjective and objective assessments of the food environment in concessions

From: Adopting and implementing nutrition guidelines in recreational facilities: Public and private sector roles. A multiple case study

Case Full adopter Semi-adopter Non-adopter
Adoption status Franchised concession: adopter Franchised concession: non-adopter Local concession: non-adopter Pool café: non-adopter Arena concession: non-adopter
Facility ANGCY adoption score 82% Very high 0% No formal policies 0% No formal policies
ANGCY implementation score 75% High 66% High 69% High 75% High 47% Moderate
Availability of CMO items:
Overall 16% Very limited 22% Limited 11% Very limited 17% Very limited 11% Very limited
Main dish and side items 23% 32% 14% 12% 0%
Snacks and desserts 7% 0% 0% 10% 0%
Beverages 16% 20% 15% 40% 24%
NEMS-R 1 +28 Healthy food environment Healthy food environment2 + 12 Moderately healthy food environment + 18 Moderately healthy food environment + 3 Limited healthy aspects of food environment
Managers’ perceptions of the concession food environment “My preference would be that we don’t have the poutine and the real unhealthy stuff here… I would like to [have] a different vendor… that doesn’t even have a deep fryer.” “[We] didn’t have to have a discussion with the [franchised concession]… They don’t have any junk.” “We think it would be great if they had more of a deli sandwich approach, you know, fresher, more healthy, instead of the focus on the usual high fat [items].” “I think that what we do is pretty healthy… I mean when we make our muffins and stuff, we always try to make like a healthier option. But then there’s always the… kind of unhealthy option, sort of thing. But they’re both there.” “We try to use 100% real beef and you know, we try to – we use a healthier oil and just things like that. I mean, I know that it’s still junk food but it’s kind of, it’s the healthier junk food… People always think a hamburger’s not healthy for you but…it’s beef… it’s got lettuce and tomato and cheese on it, you know? So it’s a burger. But it’s still got the protein…”
Managers’ perception of the proportion of items that are healthy Not available 100% 10% 90% 60%
  1. ANGCY: Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth; CMO: choose most often; NEMS-R: Nutrition Environment Measures Survey in Restaurants.
  2. 1The range of possible scores was −27 to +63.
  3. 2Given the non-traditional menu in this concession, a modified NEMS-R was completed and the range of possible scores for this facility was −27 to + 51. This facility scored +30 using the modified NEMS-R, which corresponded with the “healthy” quintile on a modified scale.