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Table 1 Process evaluation plan formulated according to Saunders et al[[30]]

From: Is the process of delivery of an individually tailored lifestyle intervention associated with improvements in LDL cholesterol and multiple lifestyle behaviours in people with Familial Hypercholesterolemia?

Process evaluation question Complete and acceptable delivery Process measure
How many people of the target population took part in the project? How representative is the intervention group for the study population? (Reach) The intervention group is comparable to the study population. Self-report, StOEH client database
To how many participants was a PRO-FIT*advice account provided? (Dose delivered) A log on account was provided to all (100%) participants. Coach logs/project database
To what extent did participants actively engage in using PRO-FIT*advice as intended, with regard to logging on, the number of modules finished and action planning? (Dose received) All participants (100%) logged on and completed at least one of the modules of PRO-FIT*advice. Action planning was optional. Website use data
How many participants received a visit from a personal lifestyle coach? (Dose delivered) All (100%) participants received a visit from the lifestyle coach. Coach logs/project database
To what extent was face-to-face counselling delivered as planned by MI guidelines? (Fidelity) All (100%) face-to-face counselling sessions were delivered according to MI guidelines. The Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI 3.1.1.) code
How many telephone booster sessions were provided? (Dose delivered) 1-5 telephone booster sessions were delivered. Coach logs