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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria and reasoning

From: Group hypnotherapy versus group relaxation for smoking cessation: an RCT study protocol

Inclusion Criteria Reasoning
- Minimum age of 18 years, maximum age of 65 To ensure a minimum age of participation
- Smoking an average of at least 5 cigarettes per day To ensure inclusion of regular smokers only
- Provision of informed consent To ensure informed consent of the subjects
Exclusion Criteria Reasoning
- Participation in other psychosocial or pharmacological interventions/therapies that could interfere with smoking cessation or any NRT treatments or medications for smoking cessation during the study To avoid confounding treatment effects
- Acute alcohol or other substance use intoxication other than nicotine To avoid confounding of alcohol or substance use effects
- Any signs of psychotic symptoms To avoid subjects with these problems entering the study as symptoms could be exacerbated during relaxation or hypnosis