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Table 2 The 3C's variables used in our study

From: Women's views on consent, counseling and confidentiality in PMTCT: a mixed-methods study in four African countries

Pre-test counseling
   Met with counselor before the test
   Provider explained how HIV is transmitted
   Provider explained the meaning of HIV-positive and negative results
   Given time to ask questions
Post-test counseling
   Received the results
   Provider explained the meaning of the results
   Provider gave advice on prevention
   Provider suggested to discuss status with someone
   Provider advised partner referral
   Provider gave time to ask questions
   Provider asked if respondent agreed to test
   Provider explained that respondent had a choice to accept or refuse
   Provider explained that results would not be shared
   Respondent believes results have been protected
Satisfaction with post-test counseling
   Received sufficient information
   Was well treated
   Thought meeting was useful
Referral index (HIV positives only)
   Referred for care
   Referred to a support group
   Prescribed medications