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Table 3 Most important reason for lack of health insurance among uninsured documented Latin Americans in Nagahama City, Japan

From: Latin American immigrants have limited access to health insurance in Japan: a cross sectional study

Reason %
  (n = 56)
It's too expensive 24.0
I have too many years without insurance, it's too expensive to enroll now 12.2
I will be leaving Japan soon 10.9
I don't get sick so frequently 9.8
I have to save/send money 8.8
I don't have enough money to pay the health insurance 6.9
I or my spouse lost the job 6.1
Don't understand the Japanese insurance system 6.0
I changed employer 4.6
It's cheaper if I pay the medical expenses 4.0
In transition from another city 2.2
My employer refuses to enroll me in the Employees' Health Insurance (EHI) 2.0
Never thought about health insurance 1.3
If I get seriously sick/injured, I will return to my country 1.2
  1. n, rounded estimated standardized weighted count