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Table 3 reasons for acceptance and refusal of PITC among pregnant women attending ANC in Health facilities of Gondar town, Gondar, Northwest Ethiopia, 2010

From: Assessment of utilization of provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling as an intervention for prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV and associated factors among pregnant women in Gondar town, North West Ethiopia

Reasons for Acceptance of PITC: n=330
To protect my child from HIV 114(35.0)
To protect my partner from HIV 4(1.0)
To know my HIV status 147(44.0)
Multiple answers 65(20.0)
Reasons for Refusal of PITC: n=70
Fear of stigma and discrimination 2(2.9)
Fear of partners reaction for HIV positive result 22(31.4)
Fear of knowing HIV positive test result 6(8.6)
Lack of HIV risk perception 5(7.1)
Not being sure of HIV test confidentiality 6(8.6)
Need for partners consent 7(10.0)
Was not ready for HIV test 10(14.3)
Multiple answers 12(17.2)