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Table 6 Respondent's attitudes and perceptions related to access to safe abortion services (N = 1411)

From: Woman-centered research on access to safe abortion services and implications for behavioral change communication interventions: a cross-sectional study of women in Bihar and Jharkhand, India

  Cronbach's Alpha Mean (SD)
Perceived availability1 of abortion services 0.32 2.5 (0.92)
Perceived affordability2 of abortion services 0.57 2.0 (1.04)
Perceived health risks3 of unsafe abortion 0.56 3.9 (1.03)
Favorable attitude4 towards abortion 0.39 2.1 (1.01)
Perceived self-efficacy5 with respect to FP and abortion 0.66 3.8 (0.80)
Perceived social support6 within family for abortion 0.31 3.6 (0.88)
Perceived social norms7 regarding abortion 0.28 2.3 (0.76)
  1. 1Availability is the extent to which the service is found in a pre-defined area. Availability of services includes respondents' opinion on: access to abortion services at facilities close to their village, access at urban private clinics compared to rural health centers, and availability of information on abortion providers.
  2. 2Affordability of abortion services includes respondents' perception of the cost of abortion services compared to other health services.
  3. 3Perceived health risks includes respondents' understanding of: the severity of postabortion complications due to unsafe abortion, comparative risk to women's health if abortion is done at a late stage of pregnancy, and harmful effects of repeated unsafe abortion.
  4. 4Attitude towards abortion includes women's perception of terminating unintended pregnancy and experience of feelings of guilt associated with abortion.
  5. 5Self-efficacy includes respondent's confidence and ability to negotiate with spouse and medical doctors to discuss her own reproductive and contraceptive choices, including number of children, contraceptive methods, birth spacing and abortion issues.
  6. 6Social support within the family includes women's perception regarding spousal and parental support in accessing abortion, if required.
  7. 7Social norms are the behavioral standards, which exist in the community for an individual to follow (29). Social norms include perceived community acceptability of abortion.