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Table 1 Measurements of this study

From: North Korean refugee health in South Korea (NORNS) study: study design and methods

Measurement Description
Demographic characteristics Sex, age, education level in NK, main job in both NK and SK, marital status in both NK and SK, current income level, resident area in NK, date of escape, date of arrival at SK
Disease history Diseases diagnosed by medical doctor in both NK and SK
Mental health Depression, psychological stress, suicide trial, suicide ideation
Health-related life style Smoking, alcohol drinking, exercise, health check-up taking, nutritional supplements intake
Women-specific conditions Menstruation status, pregnancy and delivery history
Medical examination  
Anthropometric measurements Height, weight, waist circumference, hip circumference and body composition analysis
Blood pressure  
Test for atherosclerosis Pulse wave velocity at both brachial and ankle arteries
Biochemical measurement Complete blood cell count, liver and renal function, glucose, insulin, thyroid hormones, lipid profile, other metabolic tests
  1. NK, North Korea; SK, South Korea.