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Table 3 Commercial food marketing cases and the most important success factors

From: Lessons for public health campaigns from analysing commercial food marketing success factors: a case study

Cases Clusters and key success factors
Company/brand, product, case/campaign, country Data and knowledge Emotions Endorsement Community Media Why and how
Ella's Kitchen, children's smoothies, launch, UK C A B   A, C B
Fortuna, juice, without added sugar campaign, PL C A     A
Bionade, organic soft drink, DE C A   A C B
ProViva, probiotic juice, SE A     A B
Ricola, cough drops "Who invented it?" DE/CH   A    A  
Unilever Flora pro-activ, margarine, "Test the nations heart", UK A   A A B  
Kellogg's All Bran, cereals, "Feel great challenge", UK   A A    A, C
Kellog's Special K, cereals, "Drop a jeans size", EU B    B   A, B, C
Danone Activia, yoghurt, relaunch, UK A, B    B B B
Nestlé Naturnes, baby food, launch, EU B    B B  
Coca Cola Kropla Beskidu, water, PL   B   C A  
Coca Cola Aquarius, sports drink, "Humans are extraordinary", ES   A A A   
Kraft Kvikk Lunsj, chocolate, "Thanks for the tour", NO   A   C   
  1. Note: only the cases mentioned as examples in the text are presented to ensure readability. A complete table of all cases can be provided on request
  2. Data and knowledge:A = Nutritional evidence, B = Consumer insights, C = Trend awareness; Emotions: A = Emotional engagement, B = Simple naturalness; Endorsement: A = Vertical endorsement, B = Credible company; Community: A = Common values, B = Participation, C = Local relevance; Media: A = Matching media, B = Combined media, C = Media coverage; Why and how: A = Clear message, B = Close benefits, C = Achievability