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Table 2 Semi-structured interview guide

From: Lessons for public health campaigns from analysing commercial food marketing success factors: a case study

Nr. Aim Main question
1. Talking about the brand/product • We are filling out a table with information for every case, and there are some blank spaces here. I would like to ask you: [insert specific questions if needed]
• What are the most important distinguishing characteristics of the product, the brand and the company, as compared with the main competitors?
2. Talking about the specific campaign in focus • Please recount the story of how the campaign developed and "did the trick" of influencing consumer behaviour successfully. Please start from the initial situation and problem, the idea generation, the development of the campaign, what it consisted of, and how you measured the successful outcome. [Use of probing questions if needed]
3. The relation to the project "EATWELL" • How would you describe the picture/concept of food, diet and health that the product and the related campaign are painting?
• Maybe you have some consumer research data or at least some hints (or guesses) as to how diets and eating habits changed in relation to your product and campaign. Can you tell me a bit more about this?
• If public policy makers would use this campaign as a blue-print for a campaign for healthier eating today - what should be kept, and what should be changed?
  1. The probing questions are not included