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Table 1 Risk factor definitions, availability and sample size

From: Persistent socioeconomic inequalities in cardiovascular risk factors in England over 1994-2008: A time-trend analysis of repeated cross-sectional data

Risk factor Description Years Respondents (N)a
Self-reported measures
Current cigarette smoking Self-reported status. 1994-2008 181 619
Diabetes Those reporting diabetes that was doctor-diagnosed, excluding women who had only had diabetes during pregnancy. 1994,1998,
59 071
Physical activity High levels defined as spending 30 minutes or more of moderate or vigorous activity on at least five days per week. No account was taken of exercise at work. 1998,2003,
58 184
Fruit and vegetable consumption Portions per day. Healthy eating defined as consuming five or more portions per day. 2001-8 91 225
Physical examination measurements
Obesity Obesity defined as BMI 30 kg/m2 or more. 1994-2008 161 663
High blood pressure Calculated as the mean of the 2nd and 3rd readings for those who had not eaten, consumed alcohol or smoked in the 30 minutes prior to measurement. High blood pressure defined as SBP at or greater than 140 mmHg. All years except 1999 and 2004b 117 631
Raised cholesterol Raised cholesterol defined as total cholesterol at or above 5.0 mmol/l. Those who reported taking lipid lowering drugs were included. 1994,1998,
44 743
  1. a Adults aged 16 and over
  2. b Owing to small sample sizes survey data from 1997 onwards was pooled by merging two consecutive years