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Table 1 Outcome measures Restore4Stroke (x: cost questionnaires, p: primary outcome measure, s: secondary outcome measure)

From: The economic impact of stroke in The Netherlands: the €-restore4stroke study

  Self-Management study Augmented CBT study Cohort study
  T0 T1 T2 T3 T0 T1 T2 T3 T1 T2 T3 T4 T5
Primary outcomes €-Restore4Stroke
Cost Questionnaire x x x x x x x x   xa xa xa xa
CarerQol Questionnaire s s s s          
Primary outcomes Restore4Stroke
EQ-5Db s s s s s s s s   s s s s
HADSc s s   s p p p p s s s s s
USER-Pd s s   s s s s s p p p p p
SS-Qol-12e s s   s s s s s   s s s s
Life satisfaction s s   s s s s s   s s s s
Other outcomes
UPCCf p p p p          
VASg s s   s          
ECSIh s s   s          
PSDRSi      s s s s      
GSESj p p p p          
GASk      s s s s      
  1. aThe cost questionnaire used in the cohort study is a short questionnaire (11 items) compared to the cost questionnaire used in the Self-Management and augmented CBT Study (19 items)
  2. b5 Dimensional EuroQol
  3. cHospital Anxiety and Depression Scale
  4. dUtrecht Scale for Evaluation and Regabilitation Participation (Utrechtse Schaal voor Evaluatie en Revalidatie - Participatie)
  5. eStroke Specific Quality of Life
  6. fUtrecht Proactive Coping Competence list
  7. gVisual Analogue Scale
  8. hExpanded Caregiver Strain Index
  9. iPost Stroke Depression Rating Scale
  10. jGeneral Self-Efficacy Scale
  11. kGoal Attainment Scale